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ANPR Ltd. – Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Modern tickets issuing parking enforcement company

“Wheel clamping ban equates to removing the medicine and leaving the flu behind”


ANPR which is synonymous with DVLA roadside and Police random checks and is also feared when installed in speed cameras such as Gatso and Spectacles. The deterrent factor is increasing with public awareness and whereas Automatic Number Plate Recognition is notoriously expensive, our signs coupled with specially designed, solar powered ANPR cameras should help bring the deterrent rate as close to an acceptable 95% as humanly possible without incurring huge costs!


The actuality is that fly parking is only the tip of the iceberg and a small minority in a long list of offences which range from: Permit abuse, parking on yellow lines, not paying and displaying, parking in loading bays, disabled bays or in spaces designed for parent with toddler, parking on grass verges, on footpaths, not using designated spaces and over-staying a welcome. Wheel clamping enforcement was a massive deterrent which not only had the effect of stopping people from abandoning vehicles on private land but also provided good parking management.

Since the 1st of October 2012 and the subsequent ban on towing, blocking in and vehicle immobilisation, signs with 'clamping' mentioned or depicted have the adverse effect and could in fact encourage those people who believe that the signs now carry a mendacious threat. However our four colour metal signs are 'designed to deter' and remarkably attain a level which is equal if not better than the threat of the wheel clamp, leaving you the time to concentrate on the things you probably do best!

'SIT' - Self Issuing Tickets

Over the next few weeks we are rolling out 'SIT' (Self Issuing Tickets). Specifically designed car parking enforcement providing immediate retribution for land owners against trespassers. This concept was conceived with "Fly Parker’s" in mind and for our customers who are just off the beaten track. We still provide the patrols and site visits, plus (where su Should any motorist fail to heed the warnings, as members of the BPA Approved Operators Scheme we can request from the DVLA the vehicles registered keeper raising enforcement from 45% to 80%.

No one else can offer the expertise, the deterrent and the service like ANPR Ltd. So may I suggest you start protecting your valuable parking areas with the most effective alternative to wheel clamping available.

“Although ANPR is notoriously expensive, it is not always the be-all and end-all. Yet most Traffic violations can be resolved for a reasonable outlay

T. Whitehouse - Chairman ANPR Ltd

Start protecting your valuable parking areas with ANPR ticketing - the most effective alternative to wheel clamping available. Contact ANPR Ltd. today! Tel. 01772-882-999 for further information. ANPR LTD is registered in England and Wales, Company registration number 06129797. Registered Office 415 Blackpool Road Ashton on Ribble, Preston. Vat No 130 9312 46. ANPR Ltd is registered with the Information Commissioners Office Z312739X

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