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It is rumoured that ANPR Ltd are no longer members of the BPA and that we've been 'Kicked Off' off their Approved Operator Scheme. I can confirm that the rumours are 100% true. Ironically our membership was due to expire in March and we made it blatantly clear we will not be renewing our £5,000 membership.

As expected we anticipated a change long ago and have initiated our contingency plan.


BPA Exodus

There is a mass exodus away from the BPA which is clearly displayed by utilising both the BPA and IPC websites. Currently there are 133 members with websites and 4 with none totalling 137 members. Follow the same practise with the IPC and you'll find 38 with website and 7 without total members 45. The IPC is just a little over 2 year old and whilst the BPA looses 4 members per month from a starting point almost 200 the IPC gains also 4 new members per month. At this rate the IPC will become the dominant ATA in less than a year.


The cost of the BPA

I just received my Invoice for next year from the BPA, damn near £5,000. In addition to these astronomical fees, other members of similar size will pay £1000 per annum membership for their Independent appeals service and thereafter £27 per appeal win or lose. Every month we are invoiced and pay the BPA around £2,000c per month. I was completely aghast, dismayed and disgusted to discover that this revenue went to and stayed with the BPA. All members both past and present are of the belief that the money was for the running of POPLA.

The truth is that POPLA is wholly funded by the London Councils and its no wonder the BPA are constantly advocating the use of POPLA.


The BPA and their logo

In regards to the logo and having been threatened and threatened to display the BPA AOS logo on all our warning signs we had no alternative but to report the BPA to both the DVLA and Trading standards as this created an unfair financial consideration which restricts freedom of movement between ATA's This single act was was obviously frowned upon. In a reply from Mr Clarke he wrote "I will begin by addressing you contention that your threats to report the Association to other bodies has ?annoyed? us" Lets see what happens.


The BPA and ANPR

Our relationship with the BPA has been somewhat strained over the last year and reached breaking point and just like many others will no longer endure their authoritarianism. Reassuringly we have always used trespass to access the DVLA manually using FormV888/2 as opposed to the electron link. We have never relied upon the Protection of freedoms act 2012 to rely on keeper liability. Once you can prove trespass the registered keeper is always responsible, after all its their vehicle and the driver is irrelevant.


September the 5th 2014 or 'Black Friday'

Some idiot decided to remove a load bearing wall between the office and the server room creating a new doorway. Whilst every care was taken, unfortunately and regrettably, 2 x 240 volt wires were breached. 1 x 15 amp and the other 30amp sent 480 volts up a shared earth and wiped out three of our servers. Our PABX software included, knocking out our phones, The ability to send SMS messages, send and receive faxes, online credit card payments, basically all communications wiped out.


Parking Signs Reversal

We have always refused to display the parking P at car park entrances where we try to dissuade trespass. I am pleased to say that the BPA have seen sense and have changed their code of practise and we no longer face sanction points.


Parking Signs

We have been officially reported to the BPA by Andy Hiles, Manager at Pegasus parking consultancy, for not using the Parking P at the entrance to sites and not displaying a BPA logo on our signs. We are of the belief that these entrance signs have no legal significance what so ever and that they provide a defence to motorists that "whilst I was driving a motor vehicle leaving a highway I only heeded the warning signs laid down by the secretary of state under the road traffic regulations act of 1991".


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